For nine months Transneft Central Siberia, JSC saved 906.92 thousand kW⋅h of electric power

Transneft Central Siberia summed up provisional results of implementation of the programme of energy saving and improvement of energy efficiency of the company's facilities for the period from January to September 2017. The actually saving of electric power due to optimization of oil transportation technological processes amounted approximately to 906.92 thousand kWh.

The results of the “World Speaks out of the Mouths of Children” literature festival, conducted with support of Transneft Central Siberia, were summed up

The official closing ceremony of the V “World Speaks out of the Mouths of Children” international literature festival and contest for children and youth, organized by Tomsk Regional Library for Children and Youth and Transneft Central Siberia was conducted on 26 October 2017 in Tomsk Regional Young Spectators’ Theatre.

Emergency response drills in Parabel Regional Oil Pipeline Directorate

A successful integrated emergency response drill (IERD) for responding to a simulated emergency at the facility was conducted at the Parabel Region Oil Pipeline Directorate (OPD) (a branch of Transneft Central Siberia). The event was held at the industrial site of the Parabel oil pump station (OPS).