In October 2015, Transneft Central Siberia Starts Using No-Pit Technique of Oil Pumping During Repairs

Date of publication: 09 September 2015

In October 2015, Transneft Central Siberia, JSC will finish adoption of the up-to-date no-pit technique of oil pumping during oil trunk pipeline repairs.

“The technique enables to pump oil from a repaired linear section via air escape valves into the neighboring pipeline sections without using the sumps, i.e. drastically mitigate the environmental and economic exposure. We change over to this advanced technique in the scope of the general program for subsidiaries of the Transneft system,” said Ivan Glotov, Deputy Director General of Transneft Central Siberia, JSC. He also noted that all the stop valves were manufactured domestically, including electric drives from TOMZEL plant of Tomsk.

The major work on switching over to utilization of the no-pit technique was performed by professionals of Transneft Central Siberia, JSC as far back as 2014. Project implementation at oil trunk pipelines in Tomsk region requires installation of 30 additional stop valves, with 23 of them having been installed by now. Two additional unit valves were installed at the Aleksandrovskoye-Anzhero-Sudzhensk oil trunk pipeline on 18–22 August 2015, during a scheduled shutdown of the pipeline. In September-October 2015, the company will install five valves more and complete the project.

Mounting each valve includes a set of global technical arrangements: discharging oil from the pipeline, cutting out of spools, building of foundation, installing of a 30-ton valve, and complicated welding and assembly operations.

Transneft Central Siberia, JSC also performed scheduled replacement of a 1020 mm diameter valve at the underwater crossing in the 76th kilometer of the Aleksandrovskoye-Anzhero-Sudzhensk oil pipeline.

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