President of Transneft, JSC Visited the Facilities of Transneft Central Siberia, JSC and Met with the Management Team and Employees

Date of publication: 21 October 2015 Print

On 21 October 2015, Nikolay Tokarev, President of Transneft, JSC, went on a business trip to Tomsk where he visited the facilities of Transneft Central Siberia, JSC and held a meeting with the company management.

During his visit, he also met with the employees of Transneft Central Siberia, JSC and answered a number of topical questions.

Talking about the changes in the legislation on implementation of professional standards in the Russian Federation, which are planned to take effect on 01 July 2016, Nikolay Tokarev said that it would not significantly affect the company’s personnel policy. According to those changes, the employer will be obliged, at the time of hiring the employee, to follow professional standards developed by the Ministry of Labor and Social Development of the Russian Federation.

The President of Transneft, JSC noted that the transition to the new standards is carried out in close cooperation of the ministries and governmental departments with enterprises; so, during the approval process of a standard, it will be adjusted to the needs of a specific employer. Currently, the company is testing nine professional standards in order to identify exactly the occupations used by the company. For cases when training of employees to a particular level of expertise in a specific area will be required, Transneft, JSC has a well-developed training system in place.

Nikolay Tokarev also said that with the view of improving the quality of management and accounting of real estate and land plots of the company and its subsidiaries, there are currently being developed technical requirements for an information system of the databases used for accounting of the property complex facilities owned by entities of the Transneft, JSC system.

Speaking about information technologies implementation further, the head of the company said that it had been decided to establish an industry expertise methodical center. This new center will develop and standardize methods, reference books, and standard values for "end-to-end" automation of key and auxiliary business processes at all management levels: from business units at facilities of the entities of the Transneft, JSC system to business units of the company.

Moreover, the company's President said it was planned to create a packaged software suite to include both corporate SAP-based information systems (for management of production assets, financial and economic operations, personnel, procurement, budgeting) and information systems based on other platforms (for document management, electronic archives, management of technical upgrading, revamping and overhaul programs, and investment program management).

When creating the packaged software suite, pilot solutions introduced in 2015 in Transneft Central Siberia, JSC will be taken into account. The packaged software suite introduction at all subsidiaries operating oil trunk pipelines is scheduled for completion in 2020.

The same day, Nikolay Tokarev visited the Tomsk Electric Drive Plant (TOMZEL, JSC, a subsidiary of Transneft, JSC).  As part of the import substitution program, the plant produces equipment for the oil pipeline industry. The plant is focused on production of highly reliable electric drives for shutoff and control valves on the basis of a rolling-element harmonic drive unit.

Apart from this, the President of Transneft, JSC visited the Tomsk Technology and Humanities College with which Transneft, JSC cooperates to train future personnel for the oil pipeline industry.

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