New equipment was received at Tomsk Plant of Electric Drives

Date of publication: 17 December 2015 Print

A new wire electrical discharge machine, which is able to process harmonic drive parts accurate within ±2.5 micrometers, was installed in a machine shop of TOMZEL, JSC (subsidiary of Transneft Central Siberia, JSC).

The specified machine is based on a physical process of fracture of metals and alloys with electric drive characteristics with the help of arc discharges effect on them. To control the cutting process a special calibrated wire 0.3 mm is used; through the wire thousands of microarc discharges affect the processed part. The main advantage of the new machine is its high speed of processing of parts with hardness up to 65 HRC.

Commissioning of the wire discharge machine will allow expanding the processed parts variety and performing certain types of works independently, without involving external parties.

Press Service of Transneft Central Siberia, JSC