Transneft Central Siberia, JSC, has summed up the results of the Year of Ecology

Date of publication: 23 January 2018 Print

Transneft Central Siberia has summed up the results of the environmental activities in 2017, declared as the Year of Ecology in Russia and Transneft. The whole set of activities on reducing negative impact on the environment, compensation of biological resources and development of ecological educational activities was implemented.

The joint-stock company keeps strictly to the policy of preventing negative impact on the environment at all the stages of industrial activities. Particularly, to reduce specific atmospheric pollutant emission in 2017 the work was continued on installation of floating roofs at tanks - two new facilities were assembled. The enterprise gradually minimizes the usage period of the tanks not equipped with floating roofs, for reducing specific atmospheric pollutant emission.

In spring and autumn large-scale voluntary cleanups with participation of more than a thousand people were conducted in the territory of Transneft Central Siberia near the industrial facilities, in parks and squares.

In September 2017 the administrative staff and the personnel of branches of Transneft Central Siberia conducted several campaigns on planting of greenery in Tomsk and Strezhevoy, settlements Parabel and Molchanovo. They planted seedlings of cedar, apple, mountain ash, linden, juniper, lilac, cotoneaster.

In April and August a set of activities was performed on preservation and replenishment of biological diversity of flora and fauna. More than a million peled young fishes and about 20 thousand muksun adult specimen were released into the rivers Tom and Ob.

Transneft Central Siberia supported the third ecological and ethnographic festival EkoEtno in Tomsk Region. In September 2017 the enterprise’s employees actively participated in the campaign “People’s Cedar Forest”, conducted in Tomsk. Besides, the Atlas of Specially Protected Areas of Tomsk Region was published with support of the joint-stock company.

Transneft Central Siberia together with Tomsk public institutions and organizations conducted several ecological educational activities. For example, literature educational project “Nature is a Reference Point. Ecological Express”, where schoolchildren from the districts of Tomsk Region got acquainted with the ecological themes and the joint-stock company’s activities with the help of quests, riddles and quizes, was conducted together with Tomsk Regional Library for Children and Young People.  Tomsk Regional Art Museum with the enterprise’s support organized a children’s drawing contest “This Summer in Ecological Style” with participation of more than 300 children. Transneft Central Siberia together with Tomsk Polytechnic University started an educational project “Let’s Preserve the Planet for Our Children”, as part of which schoolchildren from rural districts performed scientific experiments under home conditions.

During the meeting devoted to summing up of the results of the Year of Ecology in Tomsk Region, the region’s heads mentioned the large contribution of Transneft Central Siberia into forming and development of ecological culture, conservation of nature and environment.

The enterprise published ecological booklets, instructions for compliance with the requirements of nature protection laws, organized information stands. Video reports and presentations devoted to ecological activities were made.

The contest “Let’s Preserve the Planet for Our Children” was conducted among the employees of Transneft Central Siberia. Drawings and photos for ecological themes were taken to the contest. Following the results of the contest, the winners were awarded with diplomas and gifts. The best works were placed at the exhibition.

In its activities Transneft Central Siberia is guided by compliance with high ecological standards, regulations and rules, securing safe operation of industrial facilities.