Transneft Central Siberia prepares production facilities for fire-dangerous period

Date of publication: 04 June 2018

Transneft Central Siberia has completed preparation of its production facilities for fire-dangerous period to ensure stable operation in the spring and summer fire-dangerous period. The main task was to ensure reliable operation of the trunk pipelines system and uninterrupted oil transportation.

On 1 April 2018, Transneft Central Siberia began implementing a set of preventive measures at onsite and line facilities of its trunk pipelines.

In order to prevent dry grass and forest fires, trees and shrubs were removed from protected areas of facilities located the line portion of oil trunk pipelines (OTPs) and along high-voltage lines (HVLs) in compliance with the applicable regulations. In addition, the Company's employees renovated fire lines around the line portion of OTPs and production facilities.

The company paid close attention to the training of its staff during the implementation of the measures. Unscheduled fire and occupational safety briefings were held for employees of all production facilities. In addition, emergency response drills were conducted in April and May 2018 in order to maintain a high level of fire safety and emergrncy response readiness. Experts checked preparedness of firefighting water supply at onsite and line portion facilities, operability of tank cooling systems and availability of primary firefighting equipment, uniforms and vehicles to firefighting teams.

As a result, Transneft Central Siberia completed preparations for stable operation in the spring and summer fire-dangerous period and issued a corresponding certificate.