Transneft Central Siberia completes internal management systems audit

Date of publication: 15 June 2018 Print

Internal audit is aimed at assessing effectiveness of the existing management systems. The main objective is to verify compliance of the management methods that are currently used with the documented requirements of Transneft Central Siberia and international standardisation criteria as well as to evaluate production and administrative business processes.

An audit team selectively assessed efficiency of the Energy Management System at production facilities of Parabel Regional Oil Pipeline Directorate. As a result of the audit, the following positive practices were noted: optimisation of the technological oil pumping process, installation of energy saving equipment and increasing efficiency of electric motors and mainline pumps.

The stated advantages of the EnMS also included activities to promote energy saving and energy efficiency among the population of Tomsk Region. Thus, at the end of 2017, Transneft Central Siberia launched an educational project in cooperation with Tomsk Polytechnic University to promote science among schoolchildren. This year, Tomskaya Oblastnaya Detsko-Yunosheskaya Biblioteka (Tomsk Regional Library for Children and Youth) will hold a quest tour titled "Energy saving is the best solution" with the support of Transneft Central Siberia. Within the event, experts will talk about the main activities in the field of energy saving and energy efficiency.

After summing up the results of the audit, the energy, occupational health and environmental management systems were found to be effective. Independent experts from the DQS international organisation, confirmed compliance of these systems with current standards. The next certified audit of Transneft Central Siberia's management systems is scheduled for June 2019.