International Technical Conference Hosted by TOMZEL Held in Tomsk

Date of publication: 21 September 2018 Print

An international technical conference hosted by Tomsk Plant of Electric Drives (a Transneft Central Siberia subsidiary) dedicated to the 20th anniversary of the plant has been held in Tomsk Special Economic Zone.

The conference was attended by representatives of Russia, Kazakhstan, China, the Czech Republic and Slovakia, among them companies of the fuel and energy sector, valve producing plants and oil and gas equipment manufacturers. The participants of the conference discussed the issues of equipment operation and analysed their possible technical solutions.

An exhibition was arranged, where equipment manufactured by TOMZEL as well as product samples made by plants belonging to Transneft subsidiaries, including Transneft Oil Pumps, Transneft Diascan, Transneft Upper Volga, Transneft Siberia and Tyumen Machinery and Repair Plant, were demonstrated.

In particular, TOMZEL's exhibition included electric drives, the Diogen device for breaking apart bottom sediments and a turbulence rheometer.

Gazprom Neft, LUKOIL, Tatneft and the Caspian Pipeline Consortium are among the sectoral companies currently using equipment produced by TOMZEL at their operational facilities. KazTransOil from Kazakhstan is about to start using the plant's products in the near future.

"Such events help us enter new markets to sell the plant’s products and find new customers. Our consumers appreciate the quality of the products we make, which leads to increased output and facilitates introduction of new production technologies", noted Oleg Nikiforov, Director of TOMZEL, at the closing ceremony.


For reference:

Tomsk Plant of Electric Drives (a subsidiary of Transneft Central Siberia) was founded in 1998 to produce import-substituting equipment to be used at Transneft’s facilities. Its key line of business is manufacture of highly reliable electric drives for pipeline valves, equipment for breaking apart bottom sediments, turbulence rheometers and industrial computers.