Transneft Central Siberia Conducts Tabletop Drill

Date of publication: 18 October 2018 Print

Transneft Central Siberia has conducted a simulated oil leakage elimination tabletop drill (TTD) at the underwater crossing of the Aleksandrovskoye – Anzhero-Sudzhensk oil trunk pipeline (OTP) and the Parabel River in Parabelsky District of Tomsk Region.

The purpose of the tabletop drill was to check the readiness of fire alert systems at Transneft Central Siberia’s facilities as well as to improve specialists’ knowledge and practical skills in quickly containing and eliminating of man-caused emergencies.

According to the drill’s scenario, on the 17th of October at 9 AM local time the dispatcher of Transneft Central Siberia’s control centre was notified of a pressure drop in the Aleksandrovskoye – Anzhero-Sudzhensk OTP. Oil transportation was stopped.

The task force of Parabel emergency line maintenance division (ELMD) was sent to the site to verify the simulated oil release.

Parabel and Kargasok ELMD’s divisions, professional emergency rescue teams (PERT) and non-regular emergency rescue teams (NRERT) of Strezhevoy Regional Oil Pipeline Directorate affiliated with Tomsk RPD were sent to the emergency zone to eliminate the simulated oil trunk pipeline damage and the emergency’s consequences. Interaction with the Federal Fire Fighting Service (FFFS) of the Tomsk Region Directorate of the Russian Emergencies Ministry was organised.

Moreover, an emergency meeting of members of Transneft Central Siberia’s E&FSC was organised, and ‘emergency mode’ was declared. Federal supervision authorities and the Tomsk Region Directorate of the EMERCOM of Russia were informed about the emergency.

The participants of the drill honed practical skills of containing and eliminating a simulated emergency. According to the plan, three protective lines with two boom lines were installed to contain and eliminate the simulated oil spill. With the help of oil skimmers and pump units the collected oil was placed in oil collection tanks for temporary storage and subsequent transportation to Parabel oil pumping station (PS). Environmental monitoring of water, soil and air as well as permissible emission standards was continuously carried out at the simulated oil release location.

In total, 197 people and 44 units of specialty vehicles were involved in the TTD. In addition to employees of Transneft Central Siberia, representatives of Transneft Security Services and Svyaztransneft took part in the drill. Forces and facilities of the Tomsk Region Directorate of the EMERCOM of Russia were involved.

The tabletop drill confirmed the readiness of Transneft Central Siberia’s specialists to promptly eliminate an emergency’s consequences and to efficiently interact with the emergency operations centre as well as territorial task forces of the Tomsk Region Directorate of the EMERCOM of Russia. The main objective of this interaction is to ensure the necessary standards of industrial and environmental safety during oil transportation.

“The issue of efficient response to any kind natural or man-caused emergency is always relevant. The tasks set during the drill were fulfilled, the personnel demonstrated solid knowledge and confident actions. The analysis has showed that the measures for increasing operational reliability taken by Transneft Central Siberia in the event of a threat of non-regular emergency situations are maintained at a high level”, said Anton Bulavko, Deputy Head of the Emergency Situations Prevention Section of the Tomsk Region Directorate of the EMERCOM of Russia.