Transneft Central Siberia’s Chemical Analysis Laboratory Assistant Wins All-Russia Best in Profession Contest

Date of publication: 26 October 2018 Print

Anastasiya Vilinskaya, a chemical analysis laboratory assistant at Transneft Central Siberia, has won 1st place in the Best in Profession nationwide contest, its federal round hosted by Tomsk Technology and Humanities College.

Seven laboratory assistants from different regions of Russia took part in the contest. Laboratory chemical analysis experts from Khabarovsk Territory, the Republic of Altai as well as Omsk, Ivanovo, Novosibirsk and Volgograd Regions evaluated the skills and abilities of the contestants.

The contestants performed practical and theoretical tasks. The theoretical part of the contest was comprised of two rounds: testing and solving analytical chemistry tasks. During the practical part, each contestant had to determine chloride content in an enciphered sample that met state standards.

Anastasiya Vilinskaya performed excellently in solving of analytical chemistry tasks and chloride content determination in an enciphered sample that met state standards.

The chemical analysis laboratory assistant is among the 50 most demanded and promising professions in Russia. It is popular in agriculture, food industry and oil and gas sector.


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The Ministry of Labour and Social Protection of the Russian Federation annually selects five nominations for Best in Profession contest. In 2018, not only chemical analysis laboratory assistants showed their skills, but also pastry cooks, inland fleet sailors, hydroelectric power stations’ electric fitters on duty, oil and gas production operators. Each of the nominations was included in the contest for the first time.

Tomsk Region became the venue for the federal round of Best in Profession contest for the third time, with previous competitions held in 2014 (for the title of the best tailor) and 2015 (for the title of the best radiation monitoring specialist).