Transneft Central Siberia Hosts 1st Round of 3rd International Transneft Youth Science and Technology Conference

Date of publication: 29 October 2018 Print

Transneft Central Siberia has conducted the 1st round of the International Youth Science and Technology Conference (YSTC).

The annual contest brought together 40 young professionals, who presented 38 science and technology projects. Each conference participant had prepared a report based on their research.

The commission evaluated projects in the following sections: Design, Operation, Construction and Revamping of Oil Trunk Pipelines; Mechanical and Power Equipment, Corrosion Protection; Automated Plant Control Systems, Communications; Industrial, Fire and Environmental Safety, Occupational Health; Supervisory Control; Economics, Management and Legal Issues; the New Approach analytical and theoretical projects.

The following professionals were recognised the best in the 1st round of the contest:

- Aleksey Grechushkin, Development of Ex-Rated Electric Drill to be Used in Repairs at Oil and Petroleum Products Trunk Pipelines;

- Stanislav Iskhakov, Reducing Energy Consumption during Pumping of Treated Wastewaters at Raskino PS;

- Aleksey Kuralenko, Ensuring Secured Remote Access to Transneft Central Siberia’s Local Area Network Resources;

- Dmitry Krivoshein, Development of a Methodology to Determine the Causes for Occurrence of Operative Oil Imbalance by Supervisory Personnel during Operational Monitoring and Control of the Company’s OTPs;

- Anastasiya Ogneva, Unfair Use of Transneft Subsidiaries’ Brand Identity. Protection of Business Reputation in the Internet;

- Anastasiya Ogneva, The Project on Analysing the Means and Capabilities for Encouraging Inventing at Transneft Subsidiaries. Proposing a New Approach to Promotion of Inventing at Transneft Subsidiaries.

The authors of the best projects were given 1st class certificates. In early 2020, the finalists will take part in the 2nd round of the youth science and technology conference, where projects of Transneft subsidiaries’ employees will be presented.

The youth science and technology conference is held by Transneft Central Siberia annually to support young people’s creative impulse, develop corporate science and technology potential and create innovative oil transportation technologies.

YSTC’s participants receive a perfect opportunity to improve their professional expertise and enhance their careers. Many of the presented innovative solutions are subsequently introduced at oil pipeline transportation facilities.