Transneft Central Siberia Sums up Preliminary Results of Energy Saving in 2018

Date of publication: 29 December 2018 Print

Transneft Central Siberia has summed up preliminary results of implementation of its programme in the field of energy saving and energy efficiency enhancement for 2018.

Specific electricity consumption at operational facilities of the Company decreased by 0.5%, which allowed to save up to 1.64 million kWh. The saving of thermal energy in 2018, which was declared as the Year of Energy Saving in Russia and at Transneft, amounted to over 26.03 Gcal.

The energy saving programme includes the following measures: oil pumping process modes optimisation, replacement of electric motors of main pump units, replacement of regular lamps with energy saving ones in lighting systems, use of new types of anode beds to protect pipelines from corrosion.

 Transneft Central Siberia is actively involved in promoting the principles of careful attitude towards resources. A thematic quest in the form of tournament called “Energy Saving is a Sound Solution" was held for schoolchildren in districts of Tomsk Region. Various photo contests and competitions of children's drawings are regularly held, the Company's specialists organise meetings and conversations with students on the topic of energy saving and energy efficiency.

Energy Saving and Energy Efficiency Improvement Programme of Transneft Central Siberia is comprehensive due to the implementation of measures to reduce simultaneous consumption of different types of fuel: electrical energy, thermal energy, boiler, furnace and motor fuel.