Laboratory for Personnel Training in the Field of Automation of Process Control Systems Opens at Tomsk Technology and Humanities College

Date of publication: 11 June 2019

A laboratory for training workers, technical specialists, and engineers in the field of Automation of Process Control Systems (APCS) has been established at Tomsk Technology and Humanities College (TTHC) with the support of Transneft Central Siberia.

The laboratory is furnished with APCS training simulators, hardware and software designated for addressing tasks regarding implementation schemes and algorithms for controlling equipment involved in monitoring, controlling and managing the oil transportation process.

Head of the updated laboratory Yevgeny Safonchik offered us a brief tour of the lab, and we could see the genuine pleasure he felt while showing it to us. Mr. Safonchik told us that training simulators of an automated process control system were installed at the laboratory thanks to Transneft.

“The simulators allow for practicing nearly all APCS failure situations that may ever occur. Students can work in self-tuition mode and then test themselves by working on practical tasks and implementing control schemes and algorithms for the equipment involved in supervision and management of the oil transportation process”, said the instructor at Tomsk Technology and Humanities College.

As noted by Yevgeny Sliva, Head of the APCS Operation Organisation Section, the Company highly prioritises personnel training: “It matters that specialists are trained to address situations they will encounter in their daily work, first facing them in the laboratory conditions, as this will help them maintain and repair the operated systems in a safe, prompt, and efficient way.  The volume of automation in the industry is increasing, equipment is becoming more complex, and the requirements to staff are growing respectively.”

According to Vladimir Likhachev, Director of TTHC, the first group of engineering and technical personnel will be trained at the renovated and upgraded laboratory in August 2019. The plan is to have 150 people upgrade their skills here annually, among them TTHC students.

Similar training simulator sets are already in use at Transneft North’s regional training centre thanks to Transneft’s support; more such simulators are to be introduced into the educational process at the Tyumen Oil Pipeline Professional College and at Novokuibyshevsk Educational Complex soon.