Transneft Central Siberia Conducts Tabletop Drill

Date of publication: 18 July 2019

Transneft Central Siberia has conducted a tabletop drill.

On 16 July 2019, Transneft Central Siberia conducted a tabletop drill (TTD) to eliminate the consequences of a simulated oil release at the Aleksandrovskoye – Anzhero-Sudzhensk oil trunk pipeline.

The purpose of tabletop drills is to improve specialists’ knowledge and practical skills in quick containment and elimination of man-caused emergencies.

According to the scenario, the dispatcher of the Strezhevoy regional control centre received a message about a drop of pressure in the 17-32 km section of the Alexandrovskoye – Anzhero-Sudzhensk pipeline. Oil transportation was quickly stopped, and a patrol crew was sent to the simulated emergency site. The experts confirmed the fact of oil release on the surface of the Pasol anabranch near the underwater crossing of the oil trunk pipeline. According to preliminary data, the simulated oil release was about 200 m3.

The personnel of Transneft Central Siberia switched to the regime of high alert; repair and rescue units equipped with all the necessary equipment were immediately sent to the place of the simulated incident.

Also, a professional emergency rescue team (PERT) was sent to the emergency area to eliminate the simulated damage to the pipeline and the consequences of the “accident”.  Interaction with the Federal Fire Fighting Service (FFFS) of the Tomsk Region Directorate of the Russian Emergencies Ministry was organised. The emergency mode was introduced.

According to the scenario, three boom lines were installed to contain and eliminate the simulated oil spill. With the help of oil skimmers, the collected oil was placed in oil collection tanks for temporary storage and subsequent transportation to the Aleksandrovskaya oil pumping station (PS).  Environmental monitoring of water, soil and air as well as permissible emission standards was continuously carried out at the simulated oil release site.

A total of 52 people and 22 special-purpose vehicles were involved in the TTD. In addition to employees of Transneft Central Siberia, representatives of Transneft Security Services and Svyaztransneft took part in the TTD.

The tabletop drills confirmed the high readiness of Transneft Central Siberia employees for effective interaction with the emergency operations centre, the Main Office of the EMERCOM of Russia and local authorities, as well as the compliance with the necessary standards in the field of industrial and environmental safety during oil transportation.