Transneft Siberia Spends RUB 39M on Implementation of Occupational Health Measures in 1H 2019

Date of publication: 29 July 2019

Transneft Central Siberia has summed up the preliminary results of work in the field of occupational health for the first half of 2019. RUB 39 million were spent on occupational health.

The major lines include provision of Transneft Central Siberia’s employees with state-of-the-art protective means for safe work and health preservation, occupational health briefings and training for the personnel, dedicated working conditions assessment at workplaces, control over compliance with sanitary rules and epidemic prevention measures, as well as regular medical examinations and preventive vaccination.

Road surface marking and designation of pedestrian crossings, which was started at industrial facilities in 2018, is going on. This year, the work is carried out at the Parabel RPD.

In the Year of Occupational Safety, announced at Transneft in 2019, several subject-matter events were conducted: the Occupational Safety Day, the Best Occupational Safety Business Unit contest, the photo contest for the best picture dedicated to the Year of Occupational Safety, a thematic competition for the best children's drawing and the Best in Profession contest. The competitions were held with the purpose of promoting workplace culture and safe labour. RUB 3 million were spent on the events in the first half of the year.

In the second half of 2019, it is planned to give lectures and open lessons on occupational health in educational institutions located in the Company’s regions of operation. The purpose is to make pupils and students familiar with occupational health rules which will help preserve life and health in their everyday life and future professional activities.

Periodic events for developing and promoting safety culture, improving working conditions and ensuring employee competency are a priority intended to preclude injuries to personnel at Transneft Central Siberia’s facilities.