Transneft Central Siberia Holds Summer Sports Festival for its Employees

Date of publication: 06 August 2019

The 18th summer Sports Festival for employees of Transneft Central Siberia has been held in Tomsk.

5 teams from the following divisions of the Company took part in competitions in 12 sports: the Tomsk Regional Oil Pipeline Directorate (RPD), the Parabel RPD, the Strezhevoy RPD, TOMZEL (a subsidiary of Transneft Central Siberia), as well as the executive office. In total, the event was attended by over 250 athletes.  

According to the results of the Sports Festival, the winners in the team standings were the employees of the Parabel RPD. Second place was taken by the team of the Tomsk Regional Oil Pipeline Directorate, and TOMZEL athletes became third.

Transneft Central Siberia holds summer and winter competitions for its employees every year. The corporate competitions facilitate increased teamwork efficiency and motivation of the teams to achieve common goals, and represents one of the priorities of the social policy. Another important task is the development of the corporate sports culture and the promotion of a healthy lifestyle.



Results of the 28th summer Sports Festival of Transneft Central Siberia

Arm wrestling:

1.           Vladimir Mordvinov (Strezhevoy RPD)

2.           Ivan Tokarev (Parabel RPD)

3.           Dmitry Batalov (executive office)



1.           Andrey Mikhalchenko (Strezhevoy RPD)

2.           Vladimir Alyarov (Parabel RPD)

3.           Maksim Provilkov (executive office)


Air rifle shooting:

1.           Timur Shamuradov (Strezhevoy RPD)

2.           Ignat Rachenkov (executive office)

3.           Sergey Utanan (Tomsk RPD)


Billiards (individual championship):

1.           Yevgeny Medentsev (Parabel RPD)

2.           Dmitry Subbotin (Parabel RPD)

3.           Viktor Semyonov (Tomsk RPD)


Billiards (team championship):

1.           Parabel RPD

2.           Tomsk RPD

3.           TOMZEL


Swimming (women's individual championship)

1.           Yulia Kuzmina (executive office)

2.           Olga Rybkina (Tomsk RPD)

3.           Galina Sokolskaya (TOMZEL)


Swimming (men's individual championship)

1.           Ivan Eirich (Tomsk RPD)

2.           Georgy Godoradze (Parabel RPD)

3.           Igor Nevostruyev (TOMZEL)


Swimming (team championship):

1.           Executive office

2.           Tomsk RPD

3.           TOMZEL


Chess (men's individual championship)

1.           Yevgeny Sokolov (Strezhevoy RPD)

2.           Valery Radayev (TOMZEL)

3.           Sergey Sedykh (Tomsk RPD)


Chess (women's individual championship)

1.           Vasilina Antonova (Parabel RPD)

2.           Yulia Levchuk (TOMZEL)

3.           Mariya Chanova (Tomsk RPD)


Chess (team championship)

1.           TOMZEL

2.           Tomsk RPD

3.           Parabel RPD


Table tennis (men's individual championship)

1.           Yevgeny Savochka (Parabel RPD)

2.           Dmitry Bebishev (Strezhevoy RPD)

3.           Aleksey Mikhaylov (Tomsk RPD)


Table tennis (women's individual championship)

1.           Olga Savinykh (Parabel RPD)

2.           Tatyana Fomenko (Tomsk RPD)

3.           Yana Badina (Strezhevoy RPD)


Table tennis (team championship)

1.           Parabel RPD

2.           Strezhevoy RPD

3.           Tomsk RPD


Track and fields, 100 m (women's individual championship)

1.           Polina Savenets (TOMZEL)

2.           Tatyana Borodina (executive office)

3.           Yana Usychenko (Strezhevoy RPD)


Track and fields, 200 m (men's individual championship)

1.           Viktor Vishnyakov (Parabel RPD)

2.           Aleksandr Kologrivov (TOMZEL)

3.           Aleksandr Petrochenko (Strezhevoy RPD)


Track and fields, 400 m (women's individual championship)

1.           Anastasiya Proshlitsova (executive office)

2.           Yulia Myasina (Strezhevoy RPD)

3.           Yulia Glinkina (TOMZEL)


Track and fields, 800 m (men's individual championship)

1.           Pyotr Makarenko (Strezhevoy RPD)

2.           Yevgeny Dolzhenkov (Tomsk RPD)

3.           Ruslan Lagun (TOMZEL)


Track and fields (mixed relay)

1.           Parabel RPD

2.           Executive office

3.           TOMZEL



1.           Parabel RPD

2.           Strezhevoy RPD

3.           Tomsk RPD



1.           Parabel RPD

2.           Tomsk RPD

3.           TOMZEL



1.           Parabel RPD

2.           TOMZEL

3.           Strezhevoy RPD



1.           Strezhevoy RPD

2.           Parabel RPD

3.           Tomsk RPD


Family relay:

1.           Shamanayevs (Parabel RPD)

2.           Litvinovich (executive office)

3.           Afanasyevs (Tomsk RPD)