Transneft Helps Repair and Equip Eight Schools in Tomsk Region

Date of publication: 03 September 2019

On the Knowledge Day, grand opening of chemistry, physics and mathematics classrooms took place in eight schools of Tomsk Region. The classrooms were repaired and equipped with the funds provided by Transneft Central Siberia as part of the Transneft corporate charity programme for the development of school education.

In 2019, the funds have been received by the Narym Secondary School (Narym Settlement), the Chazhemto Secondary School (Chazhemto Settlement), Molchanovo Secondary School No. 1 and Molchanovo Secondary School No. 2 (Molchanovo Settlement), Gymnasium No. 1,  Secondary School No. 2, Secondary School No. 3 and Secondary School No. 7 (Strezhevoy). Transneft Central Siberia, which implements the school education development project in Tomsk Region, allocated RUB 53.6 million for these purposes.

The purpose of the project is to create conditions for providing high-quality teaching of exact sciences for schoolchildren in small towns and settlements.

Water supply, heating and electricity systems were overhauled in these classrooms, flooring, windows and doors were replaced, and LED lights were installed. In addition, modern multimedia equipment and digital laboratories for physics and chemistry were purchased. Interactive laboratories allow teachers to test students' knowledge and skills, as well as conduct research and project activities as part of elective classes.

In addition, the classrooms were equipped with computers. Furniture was replaced, laboratory tables and demonstration ventilation hoods meeting the requirements of educational standards were installed in physics and chemistry classrooms.

Thus, Transneft Central Siberia fully completed the activities provided for by Transneft's  2017–2019 corporate charity programme for the development of school education. In total, over the three years, more than RUB 79 million have been allocated for the implementation of Transneft's corporate charity programme aimed at improving school education in Tomsk Region. The funds have been received by 13 local schools.

The charity programme will improve the quality of school education concerning exact sciences and help schoolchildren to obtain a set of basic knowledge for entering technical universities.