Transneft Central Siberia Finishes Preparation of Operating Facilities for Autumn and Winter

Date of publication: 19 September 2019

Transneft Central Siberia has completed preparation of operating facilities for the autumn-winter period in 2019–2020 and issued a passport of readiness for stable operation for the facility’s trunk pipelines.

From April to August of this year, large-scale works were carried out. 9 boiler houses were prepared at oil pumping stations (OPS): boilers, process units, automation and fuel systems were serviced and repaired. Heating networks and heating systems were also prepared at 230 buildings and structures of the Company. Operability of industrial and utility drainage systems was tested, and treatment facilities were checked.

At the oil trunk pipelines, seasonal maintenance of more than 600 stop valves was performed, and they were checked for complete opening and closing, leak detection systems at oil pipelines were checked, and about 954 km of power lines were examined by specialists. Warning signs in the areas where pipelines cross roads and railways were inspected.  While preparing the Company’s tank farm for operation in the autumn-winter period, 20 tanks were prepared for operation in the autumn and winter period, and dead-end and non-flowing sections and valves were washed with oil.

“While preparing the Company’s facilities for operation in the autumn-winter period, emphasis is put on maintenance of oil trunk pipelines in order to ensure their operational reliability and maintain a high level of industrial and environmental safety,” head of Transneft Central Siberia’s operation department Dmitry Shrainer said.