Winter Sports Festival Ends at Transneft Central Siberia

Date of publication: 05 March 2020

Transneft Central Siberia has summed up the results the 11th corporate winter Sports Festival.

The sports event was held at the Tom Business Center for Business Cooperation and Recreation (Kaltay Village, Tomsk District). The competition involved about 60 people split into four teams: the Parabel Regional Oil Pipeline Directorate (RPD), the Tomsk RPD, the executive office team and the Tomsk Plant of Electric Drives (a subsidiary of Transneft Central Siberia).

Both individuals and teams competed during the festival in such sports as ski racing, mountain skiing, polyathlon, snowboarding, air rifle shooting, futsal, hockey and family competitions.

Based on the total score in all the disciplines, first place was awarded to the team of the Parabel RPD. The team of the Tomsk RPD became second best, the team representing the executive office was ranked 3rd.

Results of the corporate winter Sports Festival of Transneft Central Siberia:

- ski racing (women — 1st  age group) — Olga Rybkina (Tomsk RPD);

- ski racing (women — 2nd age group) — Irina Dolzhenkova (Tomsk RPD);

- ski racing (men — 1st  age group) — Anton Kuznetsov (TOMZEL);

- ski racing (men — 2nd age group) — Yevgeny Dolzhenkov (Tomsk RPD);

- ski racing (relay) — team of the Tomsk RPD;

- mountain skiing (men) — Artem Ryabov (executive office);

- mountain skiing (women) — Olesya Badanina (TOMZEL);

- snowboarding (men) — Andrey Lykov (TOMZEL);

- snowboarding (women) — Natalya Smirnova (Tomsk RPD);

- polyathlon — Ruslan Lagun (TOMZEL);

- air rifle shooting — Andrey Galuzo (Parabel RPD).

Transneft Central Siberia Press Service